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We are an all-female group, founded in January 2019. The group is run by Sara Leanne, vocal arranger, singing teacher and ex-MD of The Rolling Tones (reaching ICCA Finals in NYC, 2018). We totally love a pop banger, but we also love pushing boundaries and exploring all sorts of genres/vocal techniques.

VERSA have performed at prestigious events and festivals around the UK including: BBC News Awards 2020 & 2021, ‘The A Cappella Series’ at Crazy Coqs, and ‘Live from London Christmas’ 2020 (alongside Take 6), hosted by VOCES8.

Rehearsals will take place once a week in Marylebone (most-likely Monday nights, but let us know if this doesn’t work for you and we’ll see if we can make something work). We are flexible on voice type.

If you’re a singer, a creative, female-identifying, and interested in making sweet music with us, please send your audition video in the form of an unlisted YouTube link to by the 18th of February.

The audition video should contain two songs of around a minute each:


One song should demonstrate your ability to blend, so  it's fine to sing something understated and simple, that just shows off your tone quality and what you do best. Blend is by far the most important thing in a cappella.


For the other song, try and explore something a bit different or show us what sets you apart from everyone else in your second video. Feel free to think of this as more ’soloistic’, or let us know if you can do anything weird and wonderful here!

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